How To Decorate A Teen Girl Scout Bedroom

How To Decorate A Teen Girl Scout Bedroom

When it comes to decorating a teen Girl Scout bedroom, follow general teenage bedroom décor principals to emphasize the Girl Scout personality. Team up with your daughter to organize her bedroom in the most creative way!

Choosing A Color Scheme For A Teen Girl Scout Bedroom

For colors, it’s so cool to mix bright colors (such as pink, violet, yellow, blue, turquoise, or mint) with light neutral hues (white, beige, cream, etc.) Creating color contrast is a great way to enhance a stylish look.

Think about the main color for bedroom décor. If you choose a bold pink as a basic tone, it’s all about confidence and femininity.

Choosing A Color Scheme For A Teen Girl Scout Bedroom

If your daughter likes a serene ambience, decorate her Scout bedroom in a minimalist way. A calm color palette emphasizes her (and your) self-esteem and good taste. For instance, you could mix turquoise with white, cream, and beige hues.

Girl Scout Bedroom in turquoise with white, cream, and beige hues

Hang Motivational Posters

Liven up your teen Girl Scout bedroom with inspirational posters. For example, show the Scout way of your daughter and her life perspective. Choose a Scout-themed poster, which emphasizes a positive outlook and fresh energy to reach big goals!

Motivational Posters in a teen Girl Scout bedroom

Selling cookies is a basic step for personality development and successful life for every Girl Scout. When you hang such poster, you’ll support the basic ideas and values of Scouts.

More than just a cookie - Girl Scouts solve complex problems

Think About A Chalkboard Wall

A chalkboard wall is an inspirational and educational décor element for every teenage bedroom. Girl Scouts choose to be strong members of society and translate big ideas into reality. Your teen Scout daughter could make a to-do list or just scribble and draw on her chalkboard wall.

A Chalkboard Wall in a teen Girl Scout bedroom

Choose Comfortable Furniture For A Teen Scout Bedroom

When you and your teen daughter consider various furniture pieces for her bedroom, think about stylish sets to emphasize her harmonious personality. Choose the right type of a bed, such as a platform, floor, loft, or bunk bed, which is the most comfortable for her and which has a good mattress.

When you consider a desk, choose a corner writing table for the best space utilization. It’s important to have enough storage space. The bedroom set of a wardrobe, nightstand, dresser, and bookcase is a right choice.

That’s a great way to create a teen girl space, where she could hang out with other Girl Scouts and feel a cozy ambience.

Comfortable Furniture For A Teen Scout Bedroom

A Celebration Of Lights

When you consider various lighting décor solutions, think about installing window shades or blinds without additional coverings to get more natural light. Mix an Edison light bulb fixture with track lighting to bring an inviting and warm feel to your daughter’s bedroom.

Think about the incorporation of tall windows to maximize natural light.

A Celebration Of Lights in a teen girl Scout bedroom

What About Girl Scout Bedding?

Think about the Scout-themed bedding for your teen daughter as the highlight of her good attitude. Also, it could remind her of fun summer camp adventures.

For fabrics, choose cotton, satin weave, silk, bamboo, or blended materials.

Girl Scout Bedding

Cozy Up The Teen Girl Scout Bedroom

The creative accessories, such as light garlands, photos, decals, and books, can make your daughter’s room brighter. It’s all about the teen Scout lifestyle and desire to incorporate emotional memories in the bedroom décor.

A Cozy Teen Girl Scout Bedroom

If a stormy spirit isn’t what your teen Scout daughter is all about, use modern minimalist décor accessories. Think about abstract wall art, fresh flowers, elegant sculptures, and a bright rug on a neutral-colored carpet.

You could place cool furniture pieces, such as a hammock, swing, or hanging chair. Also, use soft seat pads to make it more comfortable. What could be better than breathtaking reading in such a cool place?

Teen Girl Scout bedroom with a hammock

Personalize Your Daughter’s Bedroom

Put your daughter’s name on the wall to personalize her own space. Also, this wall name sign could be the main focal point of her Scout bedroom.

Personalized Girl's Bedroom

Cool Sport-Themed Teen Girl Scout Bedroom

Maybe your daughter is as cool a cheerleader as she is a Scout! Think about sport-themed wall art to emphasize your daughter’s versatility.

Cool Sport-Themed Teen Girl Scout Bedroom

Travel-Inspired Girl Scout Bedroom

To develop social skills and be in a good shape, Girl Scouts take part in outdoor activities, such as rock climbing, mountain biking, or kayaking. Also, they explore the world and dream about traveling.

If your daughter also likes traveling as do most Girl Scouts, think about a travel-themed bedroom. It’s all about adventures, big plans, and new discoveries. You could hang maps and install an open bookcase with travel-inspired books.

Travel-Inspired Girl Scout Bedroom

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